The.Godfather.1972.The.Coppola.Restoration.1080p. S The Godfather (1972) Alternate Versions (7) In 1972, Paramount was owned by Gulf & Western, so that company's name appears on...
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The Godfather (1972) Poster
The Godfather (1972)

Alternate Versions (7)

  • In 1972, Paramount was owned by Gulf & Western, so that company’s name appears on the opening Paramount logo. When the film was re-released in 1997, Paramount was owned by Viacom, which placed its named on the re-release Paramount logo, and all subsequent video releases.
  • The original UK cinema version suffered minor BBFC cuts to the killing of Sonny with edits to gunshot closeups and his body being kicked in the head. All later releases were uncut.
  • The new Coppola restoration features the new Paramount logo, tinted in the iconic Godfather golden hue.
  • The broadcast/basic cable television version is edited for sexuality/nudity and violence.
  • The Godfather Saga (1977), besides the added scenes, toning down the violence and language and deleting the nude scene, other changes were made to the original version:
    • The scene of the photographers waiting outside the hospital for Don Vito’s release and following his ambulance is deleted.
    • Tom’s phone call to Bonasera is deleted.
  • In 1977, a special version for television titled The Godfather Saga (1977) was prepared by director Francis Ford Coppola and editor Barry Malkin by re-editing The Godfather (1972) and The Godfather: Part II (1974) in chronological order and adding deleted scenes. Most of these deleted scenes are also included separately on the DVD release and in The Godfather Trilogy: 1901-1980 (1992). Among the deleted scenes:
    • Following Bonasera’s exit in the first scene, Vito whistles at Sonny for not paying attention to business.
    • During the wedding reception, Tom Hagen informs Don Vito that consigliere Genco won’t last the night in the hospital.
    • After the wedding, the Don and his sons are leaving the compound with Johnny Fontane to visit Genco. Vito asks Michael if Kay was able to get home all right.
    • In the hospital, the Don looks at Michael’s military decorations with disdain then tells Michael that he has plans for him after graduation.
    • A dying Genco begs Vito to stay with him believing that Vito will somehow stop his death.
    • An extended version of Jack Woltz’s party for his child star, Janie.
    • After being thrown out by Woltz, Tom looks up and sees Janie crying and her mother push her back into Woltz’s bedroom.
    • Connie and Carlo argue and she runs crying into Mama’s arms. Sonny wants to confront Carlo but Vito tells him not to interfere.
    • After Tom returns from Hollywood, he discusses with Vito what he has discovered about Woltz.
    • Michael and Kay are in their hotel bed in New York City and don’t want to go to the family compound. Michael has Kay call Tom pretending to be an operator, then Michael tells Tom that they are in New Hampshire and will be at the compound the next day.
    • On the way to meet Sollozzo, Luca sees the nightclub’s neon sign burn out.
    • Sonny gets a call from a detective telling him about his father’s shooting. He then tries to call Tom.
    • Sonny tells Mama about the shooting. He then goes into Vito’s study, calls Tessio and tells him to prepare his men. He then tries to call Luca.
    • A quick shot of Michael driving, returning home after his father’s shooting and Rocco offering to escort Michael into the house.
    • Michael brings Tom’s wife Theresa into the study where Sonny and Tessio are. Sonny comforts her and tells them both to wait outside but Michael stays. They discuss with Michael whether Clemenza or Paulie was the traitor. Michael tries to talk Sonny out of going to war stating Vito would not want it. Then Tom returns home and hugs Theresa.
    • Immediately following is a quick shot of the Corleone compound that dissolves to the scene where they discuss their next course of action.
    • Rocco admires Clemenza’s car but Clemenza complains that the bumpers are wooden due to the war effort. He then tells Rocco that he is to kill Paulie.
    • Clemenza has Paulie check the hideout spot. He then has Paulie make a stop so he can buy some cannoli and have a meal at a restaurant.
    • In Sicily, Michael and the bodyguards watch a Communist demonstration march.
    • While relaxing in the afternoon sun, Fabrizio begs Michael to bring him along to America when he returns.
    • Michael and his bodyguards visit his father’s childhood home and find it abandoned.
    • After Connie hangs up the phone on Carlo’s “girlfriend”, she then confronts him in the shower. Then, Carlo orders her to make him dinner.
    • Bonasera is shown getting ready to return his favor to Don Vito. Bonasera tells his wife who is helping him get dressed that maybe he will be asked to be an accomplice to murder.
    • After the car bomb, Michael wakes up in bed surrounded by nurses and Don Tommasino. Michael tells Tommasino to find Fabrizio and he passes out.
    • Michael and Vito talk in the new garden after his return from Sicily. Michael takes responsibility for avenging the deaths of Sonny and Apollonia so Vito will not have to break his promise to the other Dons.
    • Additional dialogue when Michael removes Tom from his position as consigliere.
    • The final scene is Kay in a Catholic church lighting candles and praying.
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